The most important influence in a child’s formal education, apart from the curriculum, is his teachers. Teachers have a responsibility to the parents of children, whose souls are entrusted to their care. They should be suitably trained in the subjects they teach and be faithful Catholics striving to live in harmony with the teachings of the Church. Teachers should embody as well as impart Catholic moral truths, be fearless in refuting error, and charitable in correcting students.

All teachers, as well as the members of the Board of Trustees and Administration at Regina Pacis Academy take an oath of fidelity to the Church. This public witness to their ecclesial communion accomplishes several things. It aids the teacher by safeguarding his or her intellectual integrity. It fosters a sense of unity of purpose within the faculty and administration, and it gives assurance to parents who seek truth in advertising with respect to education labeled “Catholic.” The willingness to take this oath of fidelity can also serve as an inspiration to students, as well as the broader Catholic community.